Trade shows are not for the faint of heart. You need good walking shoes,a map, and a well-thought plan of attack or you will be defeated. Youmight make it through the shows physically, but it takes a definiteagenda to get a sense of accomplishment. Attendance was high at bothshows, with the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando,Florida, for the first time.

The change of venue opened up outsideactivities, such as the racing action at Orlando SpeedWorld, and gavethe showgoing public a chance to sample the surrounding fare. The newlayout found all exhibitors under one roof, a luxury not seen in sometime. There were long aisles, though--trust us. We still managed to findsome great products to share with you.

Second-year vendor Stackstands was among the businesses not on the mainfloor last year. This year, everyone was on the main floor, and it wasbeneficial.

AFCO Racing Products

M2 Double Adjustable Shock

* Banjo fittings rotate 360 degrees on two axes
* Swiv-Align floating spring seat
* Completely independent rebound and compression control

AFCO Racing Products
(800) 632-2320

ATI Performance Products

Crank Trigger Shell

* Simplifies system by integrating crank trigger into damper
* Magnets are angled so the smallest point triggers pickup
* Can be used with MSD and most other pickups and ignition systems
* Works with existing ATI dampers
* Custom magnet placement and quantity

ATI Performance Products
(800) 284-3433

Bert Transmissions

Dirt Late Model Transmissions

* Lightweight components
* Race-proven by winners
* Twenty years in racing transmission business

Bert Transmission
(450) 638-2960

Bilstein Shocks

Sprint Car Shock

* Aluminum
* Available in a variety of valving combinations
* Track-tested by racers

Bilstein Shocks
(877) 666-7662

Butlerbuilt Motorsport Equipment

Mini Sprint Seat

* Designed specifically for Mini Sprints
* Utilizes full Sprint Car seat technology
* Protection for young racers

Butlerbuilt Motorsport Equipment
(704) 784-1027

Comp Cams

Vibration Absorber Carburetor Spacer

* Up to 35hp increase for select popular carbs
* Prevents high-rpm lean-out and vibration
* Billet aluminum construction

Comp Cams
(800) 999-0853

DPI Performance Racing Products

Platinum Track Differentials

* Created to withstand extremes
* Built for high-horsepower applications
* Custom designed and tested

DPI Performance Racing Products
(707) 283-4374

Gear Head Tools

Lifter Bushing Installation Tool

* Eliminates need to remove block from machine to install oversize lifter bore bushings
* Installs both keyed and non-keyed lifter bore bushings
* Eliminates hammering
* Includes mandrels for most common sizes

Gear Head Tools
(877) 245-0014

Gear Wrench

Oil Plug Sockets

* Magnetic socket holds plug and protects hands from hot oil
* Fits 3/8-inch Gear Wrench handles and standard ratchets
* Knurled speed ring speeds installation and removal

Gear Wrench


Ring Grinder

* Added integral deburring wheel
* Dramatically reduces time required to deburr ring ends

(800) 533-8010

H3R Performance

MaxOut Fire Extinguishers

* Features an EPA-approved clean agent
* Fully rechargeable after use
* Does not leave residue after use

H3R Performance
(800) 249-4289


* Allows access to tight places
* Remove spark plugs without removing headers
* Variety of sizes available

Header Sockets
(951) 677-4992

Stewart Development

Fuel Pressure Regulator

* Maintains consistent fuel pressure at high rpm
* Utilizes decades of flow technology experience

Stewart Development
(336) 476-9720

Howe Racing Enterprises

Elliptical Caster/Camber gauge

* Simple design is easy to operate and can be produced at less cost
* Improved accuracy over standard designs
* Range is +/-8 degrees camber and +/-13 degrees camber

Howe Racing Enterprises

Impact Racing

Charger Helmet

* Oversize wraparound eyeport for wide-angle vision
* Fire-resistant Kevlar chinstrap
* Super lightweight shell

Impact Racing
(317) 852-3067

General Motors Performance Parts

ROX Engine Block

* SB2-based with deck height as low as 8.800 inches
* 4.500-inch bore centers allow 4.250 bore with 0.225 minimum wall thickness
* Designed to be the best available iron * GM short-block for racing
* 68mm cam bore for 60mm id (inside diameter) roller bearings
* 174-pound block weight is 15 pounds lighter than standard SB2 block

General Motors Performance Parts
(800) 468-7387