"We have spoken with some very talented drivers, manufacturers and crewmen who are very excited about the possibilities of the dynamic team we have the ability to put together," says Baldwin. "We are meeting with companies who have shown an interest in sponsoring this endeavor, and we will continue to do that until we have secured enough financing to be the best team in this series."

Indy Racing League (IRL) To Start Support Series In '02
Tony George and company are set to launch a new support series for the IRL in the form of the Indy Racing Infiniti Pro Series in mid-2002. Seven races will be run in conjunction with the IRL in 2002. The new series will utilize Infiniti Q45 engines with Dallara Automobili chassis built exclusively for the series.

"The launch of this new series is the natural evolution of the Indy Racing League," said George, president and CEO of the IRL. "With our partners at Dallara and Infiniti, this will be a successful series that will add value to promoters when they host an Indy Racing League weekend."

2002 Indy RACING
* Manufacturer: Infiniti
* Capacity: 3.5 liters
* Configuration: 90-degree, V-8
* Horsepower: 450 at 8,100rpm
* Manufacturer: Dallara
* Fuel Capacity: 25 gallons minimum
* Data Acquisition: Specification system supplied with chassis to measure steering angle, shock travel, wheel speed, throttle and one spare sensor
* Minimum Weight: 1,430 pounds
* Wheelbase: 120 inches
* Track: Front, 67 inches; Rear, 64 inches
* AerodynamicSpecifications: Ground-effect stepped plane