We are firmly entrenched in Washington State and visit two of three asphalt tracks we will be reporting on in this beautiful state. It was a long and winding road getting here, but we’ve made it. Now it’s all downhill so to speak from this point on as we traverse the West Coast.

Our trip from Stateline Speedway down to Wenatchee Valley Super Oval was indeed downhill as we ran the gauntlet through high desert mountain passes and encountered high winds that drove the motorhome sideways at times. We stayed in Ellensburg the week before, just south of Wenatchee, and visited Mount Rainier during the week.

These next two tracks are stand-alone tracks unlike many that we will visit later on that are a part of a county fairgrounds and as such are leased and not owned privately. There is a story to tell in all of the tracks one way or another and our first story does just that.

Wenatchee Valley Super Oval

Wenatchee, billed as the Northwest’s fastest quarter-mile track, is somewhat unique in that it is now to be owned and operated by a racer. The Dells was another track like that in Wisconsin that was a part of our 2012 Tour. It was purchased and operated in 2012 by Wayne Lensing, owner of Lefthander Race Cars.

There is something special about a racer owning a racetrack. In his long and widespread career, Garrett Evans has raced all over the country. He has seen a lot of racetracks and I see where he has incorporated the best of what he’s seen and experienced into WSO. It was just a year ago that Garrett was leasing the track from the owner.

At the end of the season, no agreement could be reached on the terms of the lease and so Garrett decided to walk away from the track. Faced with finding someone else to lease the facility, the owner and Garrett worked out a deal for him to purchase the track. While the negotiations are still underway, we will soon have another racer owned and run track. And that is a good thing.

Garrett just this year wisely chose a race director to manage the race day operations and his name is Dave Tolliver. Dave lived and worked for years back in North Carolina for the NASCAR race teams, tracks, and various sponsors and has accumulated a considerable level of knowledge about managing a racing operation.

Another new addition, Jeremy Anders assumes the role of Marketing Director for the track for 2013. His goal is to “get WVSO back to the roots of racing and family affordable entertainment.” With these two additions, Garrett has greatly improved his odds for making this track a huge success in the years to come.

Wenatchee Valley Super Oval is at the geographical center of Washington State and is owned and operated by Garrett Evans, one of ...

Garrett is still active in his racing as well as managing the racing programs for his son Jan (named after famed Sprint Car driver Jan Opperman) and daughter Stephanie. When he is at the track, his attention is with those family members while his wife, Shannon, and Dave and Jeremy take care of the track business. Smartly, Garrett does not get involved with official decisions on race day.

As for the track, it is one of the most well kept racetracks we’ve been to on the entire Tour. It reminds me again of the Dells. It has a separate family section, a nice, large kids playground right behind the family section of the grandstands and a large bus that the kids can hop into and ride around the track before the races get going.

On this day, the West Coast Street Stock Series was visiting the track and they put on a great show. What I did notice was that several of the cars had the muscle car noses installed. That tells me that the interest in these new, modern body styles is growing and moving west and that the series has allowed them to compete.

This interesting series also runs at State Line, Yakima, Spokane, Evergreen, South Sound and Hermiston Speedways. It gives the low buck racer a chance to travel and become familiar with other racetracks that are configured differently and where a driver can accumulate the skills needed later on should they move up to a Super Late Model traveling series.

All in all, the event at Wenatchee was very well run, there was a large crowd of spectators and the races were managed professionally. If I remember correctly, the racing was over somewhat early at around 10, so that the parents in attendance could get to see the entire show and still get the kids home and to bed at a decent hour.