The power gains are impressive, but Hypertech also has data to back up an increase in fuel economy. Now, we all know that if you can increase the fuel economy of your tow vehicle then you save money-money that can be spent on the track. Hypertech engaged an independent EPA/CARB-recognized lab that specializes in diesel testing, Olson Ecologic in Fullerton, California, to test its Max Energy Power Programmer. The results from the EPA transient cycle testing proved a 9.73-percent increase in fuel efficiency with Hypertech's tuning. A near 10-percent gain in fuel economy is significant, allowing the programmer to pay for itself in short order (depending, of course, on how much you drive).

Now, dyno numbers and increased fuel efficiency are great, but where the Max Energy Power Programmer really shines is on the road. We put it to the test by taking our fully loaded race trailer out onto I-75 to do some "passing" tests. The F-350 is a bad mutha trucker without a tune and performed admirably when the hammer was dropped at 60 mph to pass a slower moving truck. Pulling back into the shop we quickly threw a Stage 3 tune on the truck and headed back out to the highway.

When the same 60-mph hammer drop was performed with the Stage 3 tune in place, the difference was very noticeable. It was like we were shot out of a cannon, truly hard to believe when you consider we were towing a fully loaded 28-foot race trailer. The shifts were smoother, whether from a dead stop or at highway speed, more power was at our feet and the driveability of the rig was improved overall.

However, being racers we wanted more data. So, we took the F-350 north to Gainesville Raceway, the famous quarter-mile dragstrip a stones throw (sort of) from the University of Florida. The goal was to see what kind of quarter-mile times the workhouse could turn out in stock trim and then with a Stage 3 tune. It was an open track day test and tune so there were plenty of drag racers around with eye brows raised as the dualie ran the traps. The timeslips tell the whole story of why the Max Energy is a must have. In stock trim our dualie went 16.568 at 82 mph, but with the Stage 3 tune she turned a 15.497 at 88 mph, more than a full second faster. Couple that with a fuel mileage increase and an MSRP of $379, and you've got a winning combination.

All in all, the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer is money worth spending for your racing program. Remember, your tow vehicle is an integral part of your operation. How you treat it will directly impact how much extra cash you have to go racing.

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