What immediate and longer term issues do you think need to be resolved in bringing the benefits of this project more into the mainstream of circle track racing?
"I think that the immediate issues are making our data relevant to what the racers could see as a viable project to which they can relate. That will entail on-track testing with additional O2 injected so that we can fully realize the benefits of the three-way catalysts. With the large amounts of CO measured during the dyno tests, its clear there was not sufficient oxygen to make the cats more efficient. A solution to this will be a part of the overall puzzle.

We can also work on this on the chassis dyno to determine the amount of O2 necessary to compensate better for the effects of E85. I think we all feel that using the Lambda Master instrumentation will enable us to make further changes to the ECU data to capitalize on the true benefits of the ethanol. I also believe we now have a better idea about placement of the catalysts for not only further emissions reductions but a path to additional increases in power and torque. Given this additional input from future tests, my sense is the circle track community will be more acceptable to what the project is revealing."

What questions do you see arising from this project and how do you perceive responding to them?
"I think you'll always find people who are resistant to change. Plus, racers become comfortable simply doing things the way they 'always have.' That's a given.

The fact is we've not had sufficient data to back up previous suggestions that a more 'green' approach to racing would not disadvantage racers trying to compete against others using more conventional or current technologies. And even if cars adopting a more 'green' approach might begin by racing cars using similar technologies, we're already seeing evidence that power will not materially suffer and, in fact, a broader range of torque when switching from carburetors to EFI could be an overriding benefit. Simply stated, we're not pulling some wild numbers out of the air. The people engaged in this project are experienced and highly qualified in their respective fields, all relevant to our objectives and the fact we're using a scientific approach to collecting and analyzing results speaks further to validating the approach and the information. I think the responses we can provide those who doubt the value of the project will help bring a clearer understanding to what we're learning."