The aceptence of the motor into ASA and NASRA points to the three primary traits of a CT525 that make it very attractive to racers and sanctions alike. The motor produces plenty of power while being very durable and it's affordable with an MSRP of just under $10,000.

Now the fun part Our friends over at GM Performance Parts hooked us up with a brand-new CT525 and they're turning us loose with it. That's right Jamie, Bill, and the gang gave us carte blanche to do with it as we please. We've lined up the LS engine specialists at Mast Motorsports down in Nacogdoches, TX to do some serious dyno testing for us. After our first round of dyno testing we're going to slide it into a car and take it to the track. We'll leave no stone unturned on this motor and as such we have a whole slate of testing stories outlined for you. Stay tuned to the coming issues of Circle Track. We're off to Texas with our Holley 4150 carb tucked under our arm and a laptop full of testing scenarios.

Type 6.2L Gen IV Small-Block V-8
Displacement 376ci
Bore x Stroke 4.065-in x 3.62-in
Compression 10.7:1
Block Cast aluminum, six bolt cross-bolted main caps
Cylinder Head Cast aluminum rectangle port
Valve Diameter (Intake/Exhaust) 2.165-in/1.590-in
Chamber Volume 68cc
Crankshaft Nodular iron, internally balanced
Connecting Rods Powdered metal
Pistons Hypereutectic aluminum
Camshaft Hydraulic roller tappet
Lift 0.525-in intake, 0.525-in exhaust
Duration 226-deg intake, 236-deg exhaust @ 0.050-in
tappet lift
Centerline 110-deg LSA
Rocker Arm Ratio 1.7:1
Oil Capacity 6 quarts without filter
Oil Pressure (Minimum, with hot oil) 6 psig @ 1,000 rpm
18 psig @ 2,000 rpm
24 psig @ 4,000 rpm
Recommended Oil 5w30 Mobil 1 motor oil or equivalent
Fuel Premium unleaded - 92 (R+M/2)
Maximum Engine Speed 6,700 rpm
Spark Plugs GM 12571164 or AC Delco # 41-985
Spark Plug Gap 0.040-in
Firing Order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3