He also likes the affordability factor. "In looking at historical Midget racing versus other successful forms of motorsports, let's examine the SCCA. The most successful class in SCCA by far is the Spec Miata class. It's inexpensive and they never have to mess with the engines. They get in them, they race them, they go home. In our environment today, people have more on their plate than they ever have had. Racing has to change to accomadate that if we are going to grow as a sport."

"For the products I provide for my customer, I don't see myself ever doing another mechanical engine, honestly," explains Iaia. "I can't do it. My task is to provide a certain level of bang for buck and I can't get there with mechanical fuel injection."

But the impact goes well beyond the oval track market place. "Now that we've finally crossed the threshold into EFI, I'm getting calls from boat racers, road racers, hot rod guys, everybody you can imagine. And you know what? We can calibrate this engine to run on ethanol or gasoline just as easily as we run it on methanol. We can calibrate to a particular customer's need. This product has a great amount of crossover potential to other types of racing, not just Midget racing or oval-track racing so that's something that we're very excited about," exclaimed Iaia.

While writing this story Emmett Hahn said, "Mama's only going to let you take so much out of your paycheck each week for your hobby." Racing being the hobby that it is, if we can save money on the engine, engine maintenance and fuel consumption that means there is more money left in the budget for chassis components, safety gear, or even additional races.

Revolution's Ecotec Midget engine is indeed revolutionary for the oval-track racing market place. And its not a question of if the motor will transition to other forms of circle track racing but more a question of how quickly. The electronic revolution has begun. Remember you saw it here first.