Check the gasket between the fuel bladder and the fill plate for any cuts or gashes. If you ever see any liquid forming underneath the car, it might be because the gasket is torn.

The fuel cell foam is designed to fight against sloshing, but also it's there to resist energy during an impact. Before you lift the foam out of the car, you need to fill the fuel cell bladder with water and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Then, after you drain the water, you can lift the foam out without worry of it still holding fuel in the foam.

Inspect the fuel fill plate with a close eye and make certain that the spring that controls the fluid that will enter the overflow tube works properly. It should allow the metal ball to rise with the fluid. If there's any resistance, replace the spring immediately.

This is the fuel pump that is attached to the back of a 360 Sprint Car. It actually connects to the back of the camshaft.

Whether you are using a methanol or gasoline engine, you should always replace your fuel filter during the teardown.

Check the threads on the fuel filter, but also notice the debris on the inside of the cap for the filter.

Even though this bladder is going to be used inside a methanol burning race car, the same rules apply. Clean it out extremely well and fill it with water to ensure that all the methanol has been cleaned out. Then, store it in a warm, dry place for the winter.

The Sprint Car methanol fill plate is quite different than the earlier stock car fill plate.

If there's an abundance of debris on the inside of the filter, then you need to inspect where you are keeping your fuel because somehow the debris is getting into your fuel.

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