The photos in this article show how to properly install a fitting onto steel-braided line. But one area which is more important, and often overlooked, is marking the fitting. When you are installing the fitting, take a permanent marker and mark the line at the end of the fitting as shown in the photo on page 84. This will be a point of reference when you're doing your weekly check through your car. Just glance at your fittings and see if the line has started to pull through the fitting.

The fittings need to be inspected on a regular basis; one of the best investments you can make for your race team is purchasing a set of line wrenches. The line wrenches are made specifically for your fuel and oil lines and will help prevent you from rounding off any edges on the fittings.

The other thing you should pay close attention to is the sizing. Make sure that you are putting the right fitting on the right size line. There should be some resistance but not to the point where it's a strain for you to apply the fitting on to the line.

After each race, you should inspect your fuel and oil lines for any cuts or abrasions. One of the tale-tale signs of a problem is, obviously, puddles that start to form on your garage floor. Once you find where the leak was coming from, it's extremely important to determine how the cut or gash got there. Determine if it was an isolated occurrence such as running over debris, or something that has the potential to reoccur.

While you're checking the lines for cuts and abrasions, you should also do a weekly check of all your fittings. Remember to resist the temptation to tighten them more every time you check them. This will end up breaking the fitting. All you're doing is simply making sure that they are secure.

This off-season, I would suggest pulling all of the fuel and oil lines out of the car and inspecting and replacing the lines and fittings that are worn or leaking. By ignoring your fuel and oil lines, you run the risk of ending up on the sidelines. Don't let something so small and fixable park that good run you had going.