In your racecar, a cracked block from frozen coolants in the winter isn't usually the problem. Leaking freeze plugs that dump coolant on the track, however, is. If you have a freeze plug work its way loose either from the vibrations from an engine operating at extended high-rpm levels or from occasional overheating, the coolant dump is usually right in the path of your rear tires. And a spin-out or wreck from a faulty plug is the last thing you want.

Of course, it is rare for a freeze plug to pop all the way out and dump coolant all over the racetrack. The more common problem is a slow leak that aggravates you to death. It is hardly worth pulling the engine to replace one plug, but the result is a slow coolant leak that constantly makes your car nasty.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for installing leak-free freeze plugs.