With a dial indicator on the end of the hat, use a screwdriver to move the camshaft back and forth to measure endplay. CV recommends a minimum of 0.006 endplay. Remember-as the engine breaks in, endplay will increase.

Once the endplay is correct, pull the thrust plate one final time and install the seal. Don't forget to apply a thin film of red Loctite before pressing it into place.

You don't want any oil leaking from the camshaft into the beltdrive area, so apply a small amount of silicone to the back side of the thrust plate as well as to both sides of any shims you use before bolting everything down for the final time.

The thrust plate is held in place with six nuts, which are torqued to 10 lb-ft.

Slide the lower pulley into place. You may have to press it onto the snout of the crank with CV's installation tool.

Install the Woodruff key into the hub of the cam thrust bearing assembly. To get the key seated evenly against the bottom of the slot, you may need to use a small punch or a brass drift and a small hammer.

Install the belt and camshaft pulley. Set the camshaft pulley on top of the crankshaft pulley with the belt around both. Make sure the timing marks (they have been marked with white in this photo) are aligned so that the mark on the crank pulley is centered between the two marks on the camshaft pulley. You may need to turn the camshaft so that the key will align with the keyway in the camshaft pulley so that it can slide into position over the camshaft thrust bearing assembly.