Engine builder Craig Hibdon fastens the back plate assembly to the block with the 1/4-20 bolts provided. They are torqued to 10 lb-ft, and a drop of red Loctite is used for security.

The Pro system uses shims instead of a bearing to control camshaft thrust, which is fine. Just make sure to properly lubricate the shim with a moly or high-pressure lube before installation.

The crankshaft oil seal is held in place with three button-head screws. You can do this earlier, but it is just as easy once the back plate is on the block. Secure their location with some blue Loctite.

We only used five bolts in the locations you see here to hold the back cover in place. The others will be used to hold the front cover (with a few modifications) so that it can be removed without pulling all the bolts that hold the back cover to the block.

Bolt the adapter hat into place and torque to 28 lb-ft with red Loctite. You will need a tool such as this one to keep the cam from turning while you tighten the bolts. It is available from CV or other manufacturers of similar systems.

Lubricate and install the second copper thrust washer over the adapter hat.

Three shims are included to help you dial in camshaft endplay. CV provides one 0.005-inch shim and two 0.010's, which can give you anything between 0.005 and 0.025 in five-thousandths increments.