The hardness is another key component in withstanding wear. Laboratory measurements have found Casidiam(r) is approximately three times as hard as the applied metal. With that level of toughness, there is increased wear life due to the ability to withstand high contact stress.

The Future of Casidiam(r) Barr made a presentation at the 2004 Advanced Engine Technology Conference in Colorado Springs last January. The engine builders in attendance were receptive to the idea of getting better parts and performance.

"We have to keep looking for ways to work with them," Barr says. "When the limit is reached in one area, we need to explore other areas where the process will work well."

As such, Casidiam(r) is not a fad or a snake oil solution. It is a process endorsed by winners, though it falls into the classification of toiling anonymously. After all, no professional team is going to let the cat out of the bag. The results speak for themselves. If there's an engine still running and running strong at the end of a race, you can expect there's Casidiam(r) nearby.

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