I have found that the easiest way to adjust valves is to start on the number one cylinder (firing order) and adjust both valves on this cylinder. Then rotate the engine 90 degrees, go to the next cylinder in the firing order, and adjust both valves on it. Continue this pattern all the way through the firing order. By following this method, you will adjust each cylinder on TDC when both valves are closed-no guesswork. Most balancers are marked 270/180/90/TDC. If your balancer isn't marked, it's easy enough to do yourself.

Also, when breaking in a new flat-tappet camshaft, it's a good idea to leave the valves a little on the "loose" side to help the cam, lifters, and spring survive the break-in period.
-Steve Morley
Grenade! Engines
Arnold, MO