Price OK, I can hear all of the readers now saying, this is all great, but ultimately it comes down to one question, "How much is all of this going to cost me?" It will run you around $600, and that includes treating everything in the rearend from the locker or spool to the quick-change bearings. The only things that will be excluded are the quick-change gears and the wheel bearings. To me, $600 seems like an extremely fair price considering how much money you're going to save from not having to purchase as much gear oil, and if you can extend the life of the locker or spool.

Conclusion The off season is the time to make your car better. Only you can decide where you want to invest your money and time to improve your car. This off season, take a hard look at your results, especially your DNFs. Were they rearend-related problems? Have you noticed that burnt smell when you're changing gears? If your program is firing on all cylinders, then the RF85 treatment is an easy way to better your finishes, add horsepower, and most importantly, save you that valuable money.

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