"You can have them ground for around $15 per rotor. Then the rotor is a good piece again. If you let it go too long, you start removing too much material. The more material you remove, the less heat dissipation the rotor will have, and the quicker the heat will build up. If you buy a good rotor to begin with, you can grind them two or three times before they are too thin. When it gets too thin, it will crack."

How do you tell when the O-rings in the caliper are worn? Press shares this tip: "You can tell by a quick check. Put the car on jackstands. Push on the brake pedal and release it. Rotate a tire by hand. You should be able to turn the wheel freely. If the wheel doesn't roll freely, the piston is sticking because of the O-rings. This is a good indication that you need to pop the piston out and look at the O-rings. The fronts are doing 75 or 80 percent of the braking. That is where you see all the heat. If you are running any 100-lap races on a short track, you can flatten the O-rings after one event. On the rear calipers, you probably will not put in a set of O-rings all year.

"Also, look at the grease in the wheel bearings. The same heat that is cooking the O-rings is going to the hubs, bearings, and spindles. If you are running more than 30-lap races, you need to look a lot closer than we have ever done before. When heat builds up, it is hard to dissipate. When the race gets longer and longer, the heat dissipates slower and slower.

"If you have a brake fluid recirculator, it makes your system like a self-bleeding system. We used to just take the old fluid out of the reservoir and pour in fresh fluid. With a recirculator, it self-bleeds the system. You don't have to totally flush out the lines. It cuts down on the maintenance work."

Additional Manufacturers

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