Pearson Racing
Steve Pearson of Pearson Racing in Athens, Georgia, is a former Busch car builder and now builds Saturday night race cars in the form of trucks and late- model sportsman race cars. Although this shop does not at this time employ computer design (computer technology is in the works) in the building of its products, the sophistication and quality level is high. As in any high-quality building process, the cars are based on plenty of historical documentation, and the accumulated information of individual car and track data serves as the basis for building the Pearson products.

Pearson, like the other builders we spoke with, began his short-track chassis building based on historically accepted standards. Today, however, his method has adopted some changes that have brought more Winston Cup-like characteristics to his platforms. These changes have occurred primarily in the front end of the chassis.

Instead of using the typical 90-degree coilover chassis design, Pearson has moved to a more flexible 60-degree design. This provides the flexibility and freedom for quick and easy shock and spring changes to be made, because a 60-degree system allows shock and spring mounting to be independent of each other.

"All of this design is not new," Pearson said. "But, like many ideas, they cycle in and out of use as other ideas come along. This is an idea and process whose time has come again, and we think this is the future for the Saturday night short-track racer, both car and truck."

Changes in chassis building, like the 60-degree system, have improved the characteristics of power transfer from the engine to the ground as well as improved car handling. The improvements in race car foundations have put a renewed focus on engine tuning.

"The sophistication of the chassis has reached a level where chassis tuning is getting most of the engine power to the ground, so now engine tuning is once again becoming the focal point of getting around the track," Pearson said. "That's not to say that a chassis doesn't hold some power secrets, because it does. It's just that today's chassis are better than they were as little as five years ago, and so more engine power is being transferred to the ground than ever before."

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