Loomis' Baseline Setup
During our visit, Loomis kept no secrets from us. He laid out his setup book and allowed us free access. So we thought we'd share his baseline setup. While we make it a policy to never give out specific chassis setups we are providing Troy's to give you an idea of what has worked for this track champion. Your specific needs will be different based on your chassis, engine, track, and driving style.

Total Weight
2,400 lbs after race (with driver)

Weight Percentages
Left: 52-52.5
Right: 57-60
Cross: 48-52
Left/Rear Cross (Bite): 0-50 lbs

Tire Pressures
LF: 14
RF: 16
LR: 12
RR: 14

Front: 0-1/2 inch
Rear: 1/2-1 inch

Springs (Chevelle Front Clip)
LF: 650
RF: 700
LR: 225
RR: 175

LF: 2-4 degrees positive
RF: 4-6 degrees positive

LF: 3 degrees positive
RF: 4 degrees negative
Camber Gain: Less than 1 degree change

1/4 inch out (tracks 1/2-mile or bigger)
3/8 inch out (tracks 3/8-mile or smaller)