Recently, we were able to put our USARacing Pro Cup Project Car on the rig to be able to diagnose the frontend geometry problems we were having. We suspected that our moment center might be too far to the right. As you can see in the charts, we documented the trip, a very valuable trip. We spent eight hours there on a Friday and learned more about our car during that short time period than we could ever have done spending eight hours on the racetrack.

Information You Can Take With You All of the measurements taken by the DCMS are reduced to data sheets that the team can take home to analyze and evaluate. While at the facility, you can try different configurations with the geometry and then try each at the racetrack to find the most suitable combination for your driver and your racetrack. The personnel at CCI will help you with your decisions.

If you sell your car at the end of the season before building or buying a new one, you can provide the new owner with the data that shows that the car is indeed checked out and in good geometrical condition. It's like having a fresh dyno sheet on the motor. That could help not only sell the car, but may bring a higher price.

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