The list
Here's the quick list of everything that Frank and his team did to the '76 Chevelle before shipping her off to be powdercoated.
1.Seperate the frame from the body
2.Disassemble the entire frame
3.Take the frame and all useable parts to be sandblasted
4.Weld all of the seams in frame for added strength
5.Level the frame in work area
6.Stabilize all four corners of the frame
7.Install the X-member inside of the frame
8.Plate the side rails for added strength
9.Install the motor and transmission mounts using dummy motor/trans.
10.Notch the frame for fuel pump clearance
11.Install new bushings in the A-frames and trailing arms
12.Assemble the front suspension
13.Set caster/camber and toe
14.Measure the front tread width
15.Order the rearend from Quick Performance to match the front tread width
16.Install the rearend housing
17.Install the front and rear weight jack bolts and shock mounts
18.Install the stripped and cleaned Performance Bodies Monte Carlo body on the frame
19.Build and install the main hoop, halo, and front support bars of the rollcage
20.Secure the roof to main hoop and halo
21.Secure the body to framerails
22.Double check the engine/trans clearance on the front firewall
23.Mount the front fenders
24.Mount the front and rear bumpers and bumper covers
25.Mount the hood and decklid
26.Trim all wheel openings
27.Fabricate and mount the radiator, again checking for clearance
28.Make the supports to hold body and interior together
29.Complete the rollcage, excluding door bars
30.Install the interior
31.Install the crush panels
32.Make the front radiator airbox
33.Remove the body from the frame
34.Patch all of the holes in the firewall and the floorpan
35.Install the seat brackets and belt mounts
36.Install the window net mounts
37.Install the steering column
38.Install the battery box
39.Fabricate the framework for the fuel cell
40.Install the fuel cell ensuring a good fit
41.Install the gauge panel
42.Install the door bars
43.Install the door plate
44.Install the jacking posts
45.Install the fuel line tube
46.Note: anything of a personal preference needs to be completed before powder coating.
47.Disassemble entire car, removing everything that is not to be powdercoated
48.Finish any remaining welding, top and bottom
49.Grind and clean all slag and rough areas
50.Take to powdercoater!