Some Systems That Are Available For Measuring Alignment
The Brunnhoelzl Accu-Laser Measurement System A more recent addition to the laser alignment array of products is the one developed by George Brunnhoelzl. His system attacks the "problem" of alignment from a little different view. This system mounts to the rearend, where we usually end up anyhow, and projects out to the chassis. The center laser mounts to the pinion, which is at a right angle to the axle tubes. This eliminates errors caused by wheel toe or bent axle tubes. The center laser projects up past the front of the chassis and can be used to align with the front crossmember, chassis front stub, and front tires.

The light is a green laser, which is brighter. All of the lasers are designed to work on a pendulum effect. That means the laser will hang straight down eliminating the effects of camber. The lasers come in battery style or rechargeable and mount in minutes.

The laser units hang vertically from the pinion and right and left hub adapters. The light that is projected is in a vertical plane where measurements may be taken from the ground or any height reached by the light. This facilitates measurements to the tire contact patch, chassis frame-rails, or crossmember.

The basis of the system is the central laser attached to the pinion bearing mount. The pinion shaft is at a direct right angle to the axle line. Therefore, the projection of this line is the basis of the relationship of the rearend to the front tires and the chassis, be it a straight rail or perimeter chassis. The rearend can then be aligned to the front tire contact patches and other critical issues can be addressed such as front and rear toe bumpsteer, rear steer, and more.

The DRP Real Square Laser Wheel Alignment System The Real Square system has undergone some major improvement over the past year and now contains many features for low-tech and high-end systems. The racer can chose from several different levels of system from a simple string method to the advanced newly released RS400Pro Dual Wheel/Triple Laser Alignment System with Level. It's designed for teams with a special emphasis on dynamic measurements.

The RS400Pro system can check all alignment parameters including toe (simultaneous four wheel measurements at tire diameter), Ackermann and bump, camber (static and dynamic), caster/pinion angle (static and dynamic), lateral wheel location or track (static and dynamic and referenced to chassis centerline), align driveline (static and dynamic), measure body points, measure suspension mounting locations (referenced to chassis centerline), measure axle tubes (toe and camber).

The True Laser Track System Finishline Racing manufactures the True Laser Track System which mounts directly onto the hub of the car. This system uses lasers to align the rearend to the chassis by measuring first to targets at the front and rear of the car and then to the chassis points. It can be used to set toe, Ackermann, wheel/tire alignment, rearend toe, and alignment and can be tested for accuracy before use.

The new model for 2009 uses a magnetic mount which makes it easy to remove the lasers and turn them around for accuracy checking. Another new feature is the laser's beam is now adjustable for windage and elevation for even better accuracy. Adapters are available for all hub designs.

Steps To Take In Aligning The Car
There used to be only one reliable way to align a race car and that was by using a string and either measuring to the tires at hub height or at the floor by creating right triangles on the floor to measure from. That is still a viable way to do it and necessary for the lower-budget race teams.