In no way am I saying to cheat here, but by knowing your limits with the rulebook you can push those limits to the max. For example, let's say your maximum nose width is 75 inches. You better believe that I'll be showing up at the first race with my nose width at 75 1/4. For the pavement racers, you want that to get as much air as you can to push the nose into the track. But understand where to pick your battles, when you roll through the tech line and you've decided to push the limits on every one of the tech numbers, you better be ready to do a lot of changes to the body, which leads me to our next point.

The only way you can push the limits is by building adjustment into the body. We've attached an adjustable arm for the decklid/rear bumper height, both bumper bar lengths, and the front nose width. With a simple turn of a wrench, we can raise or lower our decklid/rear bumper, widen our nose, or push our bumpers out. It lets us push the limits, but still easily remain legal.

I mentioned earlier having a notebook that you can write down all of your body notes, but while you're working on the body always carry a Sharpie with you so you can leave yourself notes on the body. We were constantly reminding ourselves by writing notes on the door, roof, rocker panel, and so on.

Once you have the body pretty well set on the car you'll need to start piecing it to the chassis. Be careful when doing so because once you start to weld and that metal heats up it will pull and flex from the heat. Make certain that you double-check your measurements to ensure that they don't change your heights.

Before you start hanging any pieces of the body on the car, make certain that your car is at ride height. We put the car at our ride height and then measured from the framerail to the ground at each corner. We then cut some square tubing to put under the framerail to ensure that the car remained at ride height.

If you've had trouble in the past of making your left side or right side weight limit, then why not move the bumper bars to where they hugged the left or right to help you out? Our car's bumper is placed so it's hugging the left side to help provide us with just a little more left-side weight.

This preseason, make certain you're getting the most out of your body. A few simple changes could help raise your team to the next level. Maybe even into Victory Lane!

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