The LMJ Series remains virtually unchanged for 2006, with the exception of a jam nut under the spring collar to allow for more positive locking of the spring collar. The LMJ remains the only top-level shock absorber available off-the-shelf that is prevalved for dirt Late Model applications.

The LMJ Series shocks are two-way adjustable, with a remote reservoir giving the racer the ability to adjust the rebound and compression strokes without removing the shock from the car. Approximately 20 clicks are available for compression-damping adjustment, and 35 clicks are available for rebound-damping adjustment.

LMJ Series shocks also use the same piston and shaft diameter as its Nextel Cup brother, the WCJ Series, which means there is a vast array of optional pistons, shaft jets, adjustment needles, and jets available for the advanced shock tuner. Look for an optional two-way compression adjuster kit, additional piston recommendations, and more optional tuning parts in the summer of 2006.

Other Ohlins shocks for oval track racing include the WCJ Series for non-coilover application, the MCJ for non-remote reservoir coilover applications, and the more economical STJ Series, which is available in adjustable and non-adjustable versions. All Ohlins shock absorbers are owner-rebuilt and tuneable with shim kits and tools available from any Ohlins dealer.

QA1 introduces its enhanced premium line of large-body twin-tube shocks. Available in aluminum smooth-body (60 and 65 Series), aluminum threaded-body (62 and 67 Series), and steel smooth-body (50 and 57 Series) configurations, each of these shocks is racer revalveable and rebuildable. Deflective disc valving is incorporated into each shock, along with CNC precision-machined aluminum pistons and base valves.

The premium piston incorporates dual bleed circuits for standard or custom valvings, including extreme-split valvings. Tunable to standard or custom valvings, the premium aluminum base valve also adds to the superiority of these shocks.

The 65, 67, and 57 Series maintain the legendary Carrera Racing Shocks curves, providing softer low-speed valving for faster weight transfer and increased traction. The 60, 62, and 50 Series provide stiffer low-speed valving for greater suspension control over rough or very fast track surfaces. These shocks provide consistent, fade-free performance with no valving overlap and are made in the U.S.A., individually dyno tested, and serialized.

QA1 provides rod ends to motorsports, with over 5,000 part numbers in stock and ready to ship. Also available from QA1 are spherical bearings, springs, coilover kits, and other suspension components.

QA1 Motorsports is proud to introduce its new patent-pending steel gas-pressurized monotube shock absorbers. These shocks feature a 46mm piston and are available in non-adjustable (21 Series) and rebound adjustable (24 Series) styles. Both series have deflective disc valving and are racer revalveable and rebuildable.

Advanced ring shim technology allows preload adjustments of the valve stack to be made easily and precisely, resulting in a huge selection of valve curves. The unique two-piece body design allows for quick and inexpensive repair of damaged bodies and bent piston rods. The 21 and 24 Series shocks are available with the option of a base valve to significantly reduce rod force.

The 24 Series has infinite rebound adjustment, affecting the weight transfer characteristics of the car going into and coming out of corners but not affecting the ability of the tire to follow the track at high speeds. The adjustment primarily affects low-speed rebound, and this effect decreases as the piston speed increases.

For IMCA drivers, QA1 offers the 21A Series steel monotube shocks. These shocks feature the same technology as the 21 Series of non-adjustable steel monotube shocks; however, to comply with IMCA rules, they are revalveable and rebuildable only by QA1 Authorized Service Centers.

QA1 monotube gas shocks are made in the U.S.A., individually dyno tested, and serialized.

Pro offers its Patented Adjustable Pro Shock, which is adjustable in four different stages: a) low-speed bleed, b) the rate of seat pressure to blow-off valve, c) rate of spring operating valve, and d) high-speed jet.

The Pro Shock adjustable shock easily adjusts all four stages to create an acceleration curve to match all normal valvings. Pro Shock Adjustables are infinitely adjustable. You can adjust and stop at any desired amount of damping. Put the shock on the dyno and set the exact poundage you are looking for while you dyno. It's just that easy.

The Rebound Adjustable A and AC come in 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-inch stroke lengths in large-body shocks. You decide the compression dampening you need to use and then change the rebound dampening by turning an Allen screw. This screw is infinitely adjustable, so you can stop the index pin at any point between the numbers on the plate.

The all-new 46mm Pro Gas high-pressure steel monotube gas shock is available for 2006. This new shock is available in two stroke lengths (7-inch and 9-inch) and 7 popular valvings (3, 4, 5, 6, 3/5, 4/6, and 5/3). The Pro Gas uses a high floating piston to avoid dumping and cavitation and separates the gas and fluid.

The Pro Gas variable pressure Canister shock is unique in that it is the only shock that can be run with high gas pressure as well as any amount of low pressure (down to zero gas pressure). The Pro Gas Canister shock continues to function at 100 percent dampening.

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